Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hillary asks Why?

How did the Soviet Union discredit its dissidents? It called them mentally ill.
* * *
And this is exactly what CDC and the Wessely School have done to us -- they've discredited patients by announcing that we're mentally ill and therefore not to be believed.
Yet, ironically, when a mentally-ill person appears in front of a Disability judge with no objective evidence but his own testimony that he's "depressed and suicidal", benefits are granted on the spot -- they BELIEVE him.  It's those of us who have abnormal blood test results, friends who testify to our physical inabilities, who are not believed, and made to wait a decade or more for benefits.
Hillary's speech at the above link answers a lot of those questions.
Meanwhile, remember:
First they ignore you, then they insult you, THEN YOU WIN!
They've been insulting us for 25 years.  Thanks to the Whittemores and Dr. Judy, we're about to win.  The ball is on the five-yard line.  We're (finally) that close. 

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