Sunday, November 14, 2010

Joe Barton takes on Fluorescent vs. Incandescent Bulbs

One of the prior articles on the subject, with links:
Many of us with neurological conditions have problems with fluorescent bulbs.  The manufacturers say they've fixed the problems in the newer generation, but I'm still hearing negative reports from patients and teachers.
Not to mention that if you drop and break a CFL -- always a concern for those of us with bad hands -- it's a toxic spill with mercury.  You're supposed to leave the room for 15 minutes (how do you do that if you live in a studio apartment and are housebound?) and then take special measures to clean up the mercury (which must be done pronto, not in two days when you feel up to it). 
When a CFL burns out, you're not supposed to put it in the trash.  Since I don't drive, I would have to pay cab fare halfway across the county to deliver each one to the recycling facility, which sort of negates the cost savings on the electricity!
Oh, yeah, and I just replaced the 60W incandescent in my kitchen with a 100W CFL so I don't have to get up on that ladder for another 5 years ... even after the CFL has been burning for several minutes and should be warmed up, it doesn't seem as bright to me as the incandescent that's supposed to be just more than half as bright.  This is a problem for those of us with tired old eyes who need brighter lights!
Address your thanks for the fight to restore incandescent bulbs to store shelves to:
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