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Art Auction to benefit WPI now open

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The auction has begun!  It ends Friday, Nov. 12, 2010 at approximately 2:40
PM Eastern, 10:40 Pacific.

Auction URL, including full details and photo gallery:

We'd like to thank Popular Woodworking Magazine, Popular Woodworking Books,
and F&W Media for the free publicity for the ME/CFS and neuroimmmune disease
community, as well as for Whittemore Peterson.  Couldn't have managed
without the help of editor David Thiel.  Thanks David!  (email:  )
[Original Co-Cure post from Nov. 1, 2010]:

ME/CFS patient Lois Ventura is auctioning one of her pre-M.E. wood
sculptures on eBay beginning Novemeber 5, 2010 for one week, and donating  a
portion of the proceeds to the Whittemore Peterson Institute.  For more
info, see:

[Updated URL]

Note:  The Popular Woodworking newsletter has a circulation of 100,000 - a
good size of mainstream folks to teach about ME&  CFS.  This issue and blog
entry dated Nov. 1, 2010 contains info and a link to WPI.

Vernal Equibox Art Auction

Lois Keener Ventura, author of Sculpted Band Saw Boxes, is placing her
one-of-a-kind box sculpture (pictured on the cover of her book) up for a
week-long eBay auction starting November 5. As a bonus, she's including a
signed copy of the book for the auction winner, and donating a portion of
the auction proceeds to medical research.

We asked Lois what inspired this sculpture and if it had any connection to
her charitable cause choice.

"I had the vision of the Vernal Equibox in my mind's eye for years, but had
to wait to find the perfect wood. When I found the most awesome curly
worm-streaked maple, I knew right away this was it! I'd never seen anything
like it. Plus, a few years earlier, a stately walnut tree blew down on my
grandmother's property, and she offered it to me. I first made some family
heirlooms out of it, but I saved some beautiful pieces for the Equibox
concept. I couldn't think of a better way to honor the tree's life and
preserve its natural beauty than to immortalize it as part of this
sculpture. The rich dark walnut made a perfect contrast and complement to
the browns and golds of the figured maple."

This award-winning sculpture is one of the last - and the most elaborate -
of Ventura's tributes to Nature in wood.

The Vernal Equibox theme?

"Renewal," Lois explains. "The walnut base was shaped and hand carved to
symbolize the ever-turning wheel of Earth and Nature's annual cycle. The
solid yet undulating foundation of life. The walnut sapling – resurrected
from a toppled walnut tree – reaches up out of the rich brown Earth,
cradling the life-giving Sun (embodied in the maple mirror) in its branches.
The promise of light and life's response to it. The two maple box halves
depict abstract plants in phases of germination, breaking free of winter
seed coats, while the streaks drizzling down the maple represent
replenishing spring rains."

Ventura is donating a portion of the proceeds from this auction to the
Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI). She tells us
why: "They are a light to so many reaching to break free of a very long
winter of darkness. WPI is a small independent research group doing what it
takes to make cutting-edge discoveries that set the stage for accelerated
research into neuro-immune disease on a global scale. They've renewed hope
for a vastly underserved population of more than a million severely
debilitated people of all ages in the U.S., and at least 17 million
worldwide. This is personal to me, my family, and to an entire community of
patients and dedicated researchers I've had the privilege to get to know
over the years." WPI is the first multi-faceted center of its kind to
benefit patients with ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis /chronic fatigue
syndrome), along with Atypical MS, Autism, GWI (Gulf War Illness),
Fibromyalgia, related cancers and more. "Vernal Equibox is a metaphor for
WPI in many ways," Lois says.

For more info about the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune
Disease, see:

You can find Ventura's "Vernal Equibox" auction through by
entering the auction title "Award Winning Abstract Wood Band Saw Box
Sculpture" in eBay's search box. (We'll post a direct link to the item when
the actual URL for the auction is generated.) The auction page will include
a photo gallery of the sculpture and a complete description of the box and
processes used in its creation.

Lois asked us to thank all Popular Woodworking and band saw box sculpture
fans for their enthusiasm for this organic woodworking style and their
support over the years. "It's fun reading about other woodworkers having so
much fun!" she says.

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