Monday, October 18, 2010

"Without a Mask" ,Eva Caballé's latest article on Stonebird

 "Without a Mask" ,Eva Caballé's latest article on Stonebird :
"an ill person cannot be like that. You have to be well-behaved, let
yourself be brain-washed
and follow the established road wearing a mask
without thinking. If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, an illness that
is not recognized, you fight to survive. But don't make too much noise and
just follow others. Don't think, don't do. You are sick. Behave as such. You
have to be obedient
and ask for permission so that you will not be thrown
out of the herd, a herd for which others kill themselves to be a part."

* * *
And this is what doctors expect of us.  Just be quiet, let yourself be brainwashed, be obedient -- don't question the doctor, even if what he's advising is not what the experts recommend.
The problem is, if you just go along with what is wrong, you may wind up permanently debilitated.  There's a window in which proper treatment must be given, and you can't afford to miss it.  Several studies have shown that the treatment being studied is only effective in patients who've had CFS less than 5 years.  If you waste that 5 years listening to doctors who want you to try one anti-depressant after another, "prove to me that this doesn't work", you miss your best opportunity to regain your health.
Fortunately, I come out of the Women's Movement, where questioning authority is commonplace.  Male doctors don't like me, because I don't think that either men or doctors are superior to me.  I may go along for a short time, willing to prove that one or two varieties of anti-depressant don't help, trying to convince them that I'm not depressed, but eventually, I'll tell them in no uncertain terms that they suffer from Rectal-Cranial Inversion Syndrome, now you listen to me, buster! 
For many doctors, their ego is more important than the patient's health.  They'll ignore evidence that they're wrong.  Refuse to order certain blood tests.  If those blood tests are ordered by someone else, they'll make excuses, things like "lab error" or "that test is meaningless".
When you realize a doctor is stuck in that mindset, change doctors!  And try to see the next doctor before he sees your old medical records, so he doesn't mindlessly confirm the prior doctor's diagnosis.  Let him start the diagnostic process from scratch.

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