Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why the illness-affected marriages that last, do


Vulnerability, it turns out, is a word that comes up again and again in reports of successful long-term relationships. The arranged couples put it on their list of the top 10 reasons they still felt close to each other after a length of time that would find most Americans on their second or third marriage. Epstein believes letting someone see us with our guard down is one of the keys to falling—and staying—in love.

Vulnerability can mean a lot of things: From trying something novel, like riding roller coasters or scuba diving together, to engaging in something as tender as caring for a mate who's ill. Vulnerability is so bonding, it's also believed to be the root cause of Stockholm syndrome and the reason so many A-listers fall for their leading men and ladies on set: Getting into character in front of each other requires all the same (emotional) nakedness as Soulgazing.

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