Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tuskegee Two Discovered - OSLERSWEB.COM

"Has Tuskegee Three has been underway at the Centers for Disease Control since 1985, when investigators abandoned patients in an outbreak in Incline Village, Nevada, calling them hysterical, "not normal Americans," and suggesting to the mainstream press and other scientists in the federal health system that these patients were mentally ill? By failing to investigate a malady that by all appearances was infectious--an act that appears to have allowed the infection to spread to millions of people--did CDC once more step into the breach of grossly unethical conduct?"
* * *
There has been a conspiracy theory going around for a while that CFS was a bioweapons experiment gone wrong.  I'm not entirely sure I buy into it, but I do admit that it sounds more plausible than most conspiracy theories.

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