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Tom Hennessy responds to CFS: To Suffering, Add Anger

thomas Hennessy,
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Dear Mr. King,

I have watched your program on and off over the past 25 years or so, and have always found you thoughtful and erudite, without being stuffy, and you possess a sly wit that almost always comes with a superior intellect.

But, it is your excellent breakdown of the mysterious illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis around most of the world that has been "swept under the rug" at the CDC as you so accurately describe, for the past 3 decades.

the actions of our government have been immoral, illegal and unconscionable by any stretch of the imagination. I have gone blow to blow with these nasty bureaucrats at meetings inside the CDC, the NIH and HHS itself for 20 years. one of the worst crimes is that these people KNOW we are very ill, and they have lied early and often to their superiors.

I compared this condition to the newly sick gulf war veterans from the first gulf war on Larry King Live, back in May of 1991, when there were about 5,000 sick veterans. Now, there are more than 285,000 sick veterans. More than 1 in 4 of our brave veterans are sick with these debilitating symptoms. We can not even protect our soldiers who fight our wars. the few soldiers who DO get disability, get funds with diagnoses of MCSS, FMS, M.E. and CFS.

Just like Pravda before them, Our Pentagon wags said "There is no ONE, NEW and UNIQUE illness known as Gulf War Syndrome". What does the Press do? the next day they wrote "Gulf War Syndrome does not exist!". The Media establishment bought the disinformation campaign hook , line and sinker. Gulf War illnesses were NOT one condition, they were NOT new, and they were NOT unique!

So, the PRAVDA technique worked! it was a technically true statement that told a BIG LIE!

The Pentagon's fancy, three card monte studies enabled it to say "NO gulf war syndrome" when in fact more than 25% of their veterans were sick. larger percentages than WWI, WWII, Korea, or Vietnam.

These overlapping syndromes leave millions of us so ill that we can not even take care of ourselves for simply daily tasks. I say it is like grinding the teeth down on the HPA axis. Our autonomic nervous systems are constantly misfiring. Our bodies can never tell correct time. we are too hot, or too cold, too dizzy, to nauseous or in too much nerve and muscle pain to function.

My friends like Hillary Johnson turned in more than 2100 pages of manuscript after a decade's worth of work on "Osler's Web".

Poor Laura Hillenbrand, wrote one of the most gripping true stories of an undersized and lame horse, ridden by a one eyed jockey and owned by wealthy car dealer who had lost his favorite son. It took Laura a decade to research her great book and she had to write the entire book lying on her back, with a legal paper and pad, writing one sentence at a time, while the room spun in nauseous circles around her. this is truly a modern plague.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling the truth about this plague, with a clear and open heart. We are not a bunch of meretricious valetudinarians. We are a group of million of people worlwide who want nothing more to get proper medical treatment and return to some semblance of normal for whatever time we have left on this beautiful earth.

You are a credit to Washington Journalism.

Sincerely, TMH

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