Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Is There a Cure for Autoimmune Disease?


Functional Medicine: Treating Causes, Not Symptoms

I just lectured at the Institute for Functional Medicine's basic training course for physicians. Even though the course is expensive--because unlike most other continuing medical education pharmaceutical companies do not support it--this conference was sold out. There were practitioners from 27 countries, and 24 faculty members from medical schools.

Functional medicine is a hidden movement sweeping across the globe, and it is based on a different method of diagnosing and treating disease--one that focuses on causes not symptoms, one that is based on an understanding of the dynamic way our genes interact with environment, one that goes beyond simply treating diseases based on their label. The training I lectured at teaches practitioner to understand the body as a system; to seek the causes of illness; to understand the body's basic functional systems, where they go awry, and how to restore balance; to understand the interconnections between symptoms and organs rather segregate diseases into specialties.

I simply asked the question WHY

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And there's the problem -- most doctors DON'T ask "why" because it would require them to listen to the patient for more than 18 seconds.

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