Friday, October 8, 2010

Cover up- ME-CFS: The Emerald City

"The damage is done; history will now look back and ask what the CDC did all these years while millions were sick and many died.  Patients will no longer be judged. The CDC and those who watched millions of sick and severely disabled people being mistreated, abused and neglected will one day be judged. The CDC and whoever is involved in this crime justice must be served.  The world will know the truth."
 * * *
On XMRV's first birthday, I know in my heart that we now have what we've always prayed for -- vindication.  Maybe not in our lifetimes, but eventually, the truth will be so widely known that CDC will be the butt of jokes, just as they've made *us* the butt of jokes.  ( "Dear Sirs...I am sick..." (44.5KB)
Well, we're slowly starting to get that last laugh that we've been hoping for.  Unfortunately, like the victims of the Tuskegee experiment, the initial cadre of patients may be long gone by the time it happens, but we will eventually be seen as victims and CDC as the abuser.
Lawyers, lawsuits, reparations ... all that sounds good, but it won't give us back the quarter-century of life that we've lost to date, and the other quarter-century taken off the end of our lives.  Moreover, for those of us who have no spouse or children as a result of this Damned Disease, our legal claims die with us, and the government is off the hook for what they've done to us because there's no one to collect the judgment on our behalf.
This is, unfortunately, a common government tactic -- they delay your Disability benefits, and then make you wait another 2 years after that for Medicare eligibility, in hopes that you'll die before you cost them any money.
Still, even if I'm looking down from a white puffy cloud when it happens, it'll be a joyous day when the CDC is finally called to task for what they've done to patients.  We will win in the end.

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