Monday, October 18, 2010

Can you spell iatrogenic, boys and girls?

"Catastrophic surgical errors are "a lot more common than the public thinks," says Dr. Martin Makary, M.D., a professor of surgery and public health at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore.

"Each hospital, whether they publicly admit it or not, and whether or not it's discoverable in a lawsuit, has an episode of wrong-site or wrong-patient surgery either every year or once every few years," says Makary, who wrote an editorial accompanying the study."

* * *

80% of medical malpractice claims are PREVENTABLE error.  If doctors would listen to patients, pay attention, that number could be reduced.

Instead of "physician, heal thyself", they run around screaming about greedy patients.  Instead of taking responsibility for their errors, they blame the patient.

How many of us are permanently impaired due to iatrogenesis?  I was told I'd never return to work full-time because the amount of physical damage caused by doctors who refused to do the right tests or prescribe the right pills was too severe.  Had the doctor listened to me at the first appointment when I told him "this is what my former specialist recommended", I probably would've been back to work in a month or two.


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