Sunday, October 31, 2010

10 Things I've Lost To CFS -


3. Church family
I hung on to my church long after I should have been hanging onto my bed. I'd gradually dropped out of every departments as I got sicker, and with each resignation I mourned. Eventually I had to quit going at all.

A few people sent cards at first. Then silence. Big, echoing, heart-breaking silence. For me, the Church Family proved to be a myth, like the unicorn.

* * *

Ditto.  The minister, with his "vast medical knowledge", decreed that I was just lazy (despite the fact that I was struggling mightily to continue working against the odds) and this opinion was internalized by the rest of the church.  Not one card.  Not one phone call.  Not one casserole.  Nothing.

The myth that the church will take care of its members when they get sick is just a myth.  The church takes care of Preacher's Pet.  I wasn't one.  I was dumped like a bag of smelly garbage.




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