Thursday, September 23, 2010

When the Republicans Lie About Health Care, We Have to Fight Back

Here are a few of the ad's specific lies:

• The ads say that the new law cuts $500 billion from Medicare and will hurt the health benefits seniors receive. That is not true. The Affordable Care Act eliminates waste, fraud and abuse, including overpayments to insurance companies that provide Medicare Advantage plans.

• The ads say that the new law means "seniors could lose their doctors" or that it "threatens seniors' ability to keep their own doctor." Nothing in the Affordable Care Act restricts any Medicare enrollee's access to the doctor of their choice.

• The ads feature seniors saying the law will "hurt the quality of our care." The fact is that the law forbids reductions in conventional Medicare benefits, adds no-cost preventive services, closes the "doughnut hole" gap in the prescription drug benefit and makes substantial improvements in quality of care.

The truth is that the new law strengthens Medicare without cutting anyone's guaranteed benefits. It cuts waste, fraud and abuse, reduces prescription drug costs, and helps seniors remain independent and stay in their own homes.

In their Sept. 17 report, sums it up perfectly: "Most of the ads conclude with someone looking at the camera and pretending to tell the targeted lawmaker, 'You're fired!' Our question is, who gets fired for making misleading ads?"

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