Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our time is Now!

"A Time to Every Purpose Under the Heaven"

Ecclesiates says there is a "A time to every purpose under the heaven". I
suggest that our time is now.

ME/CFS has been ignored and kicked to the side of the road for decades. 
Twenty-five years later - long after it has been shown to afflict at  least a million people in the US and inflict billions and billions of  economic losses annually in the US - it still receives amongst the  lowest amount of funding of any disorder.  Chronic illnesses  that  effect fewer people and cause less damage get hundreds of millions  of  dollars a year in funding while we get a few million a year...droppings  from the NIH's table.

But now XMRV and the WPI have handed us a unique opportunity that could allow us
to make a huge difference in how this disease is funded. But this window of
opportunity may not be open in 4 months.....NOW is the time to act.

Find out why and how here:

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