Monday, August 23, 2010

What does your doctor hear when you talk?

Pretty good admission that the average doctor hears nothing when you talk, because he wants to hear what he wants to hear.
My medical records are full of lies because doctors didn't hear a damn thing I said over the loud screaming misogynistic prejudices in their heads. They wrote down what they wanted to hear, regardless of whether it was what I said. One admitted to not asking certain questions because he was so sure of what the answers would be.
Another is sure that I told him that as soon as I got my diagnosis in 1988, I quit my job. That should be great news to the firms who hired me in 1990 and 1997 -- apparently they were giving a paycheck to someone who wasn't even there. Maybe they'll want their money back?
Get copies of your medical records every few months, read them, verify the information. If there's something in there that's going to hurt you in the future (like one doctor dismissing two specialists' opinions as my being "self-diagnosed"), file a HIPAA claim for correction. If, like my worst offender, the doctor leaves the medical group, getting the records corrected after his departure will be impossible.

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