Wednesday, August 25, 2010

JOB: Get in on Exciting New Retroviral Research

The Centers for Disease Control has issued a job announcement for Chief,
Chronic Viral Diseases Branch, which includes primary responsibility for
the direction and substance of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research
program.  This program contains the largest single budget (US) for CFS
research ($5 million/yr). The Chief serves as principal investigator of
epidemiology studies, and personally develops laboratory research programs
designed to improve diagnosis and management of human papillomavirus
(HPV)-associated cancers, CFS, and other related unexplained or chronic

This is a critically important position that can influence science,
practice, and health policy related to CFS. We encourage highly qualified
individuals to apply for this position.

For the complete announcement, click on:,-dte

Thank you.


Fred Friedberg, PhD

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