Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Advocates: The One Reason Your Facebook Page Strategy Doesn’t Work

One of the comments is quite to the point:

"Having a lot of followers that don't read or care about your content is useless.  Try instead for quality, not quantity. I can get you a million fans in a day, and not one of them will be beneficial to you. On the other hand, 500 fans acquired over a couple of months through natural methods can bring you far, far more business and value."

And that's true.  I'm a "fan" of a friend who's a real estate agent.  The odds of him ever getting a sale because I'm a fan are slim and none, because my friends locally fall into two categories: those who already own houses and those who will never own one (disabled people can't afford to buy in this town, where a household income of $100,000 might get you a starter home).  Mostly, I'm a fan so that if he's doing an open house in my neighborhood, I can pop in and say hello.  If he had 1000 fans who are all like me, he'd be in financial trouble.

When I started a FB page for my editing business, I didn't invite all my friends -- only those who might reasonably have a need for the service.  It's not about the numbers.  The stuff I'm posting there would be of no interest to most of my friends, so I don't want to spam their pages with my updates any more than I like them spamming my page with their Farmville stuff.  The numbers are climbing slowly, from posting that link to various professional groups.

So, no, I'm not going to waste space in this blog inviting a bunch of disabled people to become fans of a business they're not likely to use.  But I will invite you to join  Facebook | CFS Facts  which will be of interest to you.




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