Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What is stopping ME/CFS from getting research funding?

What is stopping ME/CFS from getting research funding? Obviously there is an
entrenched belief system that a) this is not a real disorder and b) if
it is a real disorder it's impossible or at least very difficult to
study. But there is another factor as well and it's gender….most people
with ME/CFS are female and, rather disconcertingly, the same is true
for many of its allied disorders such as fibromyalgia, IBS, FM, TMJ,
interstitial cytisus, etc. - none of which are getting much funding.

Given that people are power and that about 50 million women  in the US are tired of getting shoddy treatment  and little research the CFIDS Association and several other 'women's disease' organizations joined together to create the Overlapping Conditions Alliance - an Alliance that will advocate for equal funding and equal treatment for women with these mysterious disorders.

It's an exciting endeavor - no one's tried this before - and it could reap big rewards. Check out the "Campaign to End Chronic Pain in Women' from  the 'Bringing the Heat' blog.

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