Thursday, April 8, 2010

UV light helps MS sufferers

how UV light helps MS sufferers:

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A reminder that I'll occasionally toss some MS info in here because of the similarities in symptoms between the two.  They're close enough that some CFS patients have been labelled as "atypical MS".
I was diagnosed with CFS about the same time someone else at church was diagnosed with MS.  She got sympathy, pity and all the help she needed; I got verbal abuse for not helping to do her housework when I was barely managing my own.  I asked my doctor why she got a different diagnosis on essentially the same symptoms and his explanation was that she had double vision (which appears in MS but not in CFS) while I had some symptom that appears in CFS but not in MS.
So, I see no reason why I can't occasionally share something here that helps MS, which may or may not help those with CFS as well.

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