Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Underinsured Resource Directory

National Underinsured Resource Directory
The Patient Advocate Foundation - a national non-profit organization that seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their financial stability relative to their diagnosis of life threatening or debilitating diseases - has unveiled the National Underinsured Resource Directory, which is intended to help underinsured individuals and families locate important resources and seek alternative coverage options or methods to cover their healthcare needs.
To access The National Underinsured Resource Directory, visit: http://patientadvocate.org/help4u.php . Organizations that want to include this resource on their websites are invited to contact Erin Moaratty, Chief of External Affairs at PAF at (800) 532-5274 ext 1150 or [email protected].

Patient Advocate Foundation and its companion organization, the National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF), were founded on the principle that health care is a basic human need and shared social responsibility. Annually, PAF receives thousands of contacts requesting information and assistance via their toll-free hotline as well as online, with complete direct, sustained case management services provided to patients from all fifty states free of charge. For more information about PAF, visit www.patientadvocate.org or call toll free (800) 532-5274.

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