Friday, April 23, 2010

Elton John's letter to Ryan White, 20 years after his death from AIDS


"Most important, Ryan, you inspired awareness, which helped lead to lifesaving treatments. In 1990, four months after you died, Congress passed the Ryan White Care Act, which now provides more than $2 billion each year for AIDS medicine and treatment for half a million Americans. Today, countless people with HIV live long, productive lives. ... It would sadden you that today, in certain parts of the United States, some poor people with AIDS are still placed on waiting lists to receive treatment. It would anger you that your government is still not doing enough to help vulnerable people with HIV and populations that are at high risk of contracting the virus"

* * *

We can hope that, in the future, there will also be government money to provide treatment to CFS/XMRV patients, instead of the haves being able to get it through their insurance or own funds, and the rest of us being left to wither unnoticed.



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