Sunday, March 7, 2010

What's old is new again?

What's old is new again?

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With the renewed interest in retroviral causes of M.E. and Bill Reeves
moving on with his psychological studies, I thought this would be the
perfect time to add an interesting video to the RESCIND website. It's a 1996
story featured on Prime Time Live to coincide with the debut of Hillary
Johnson's book, Osler's Web. Featuring a zany cast of characters like
Stephen Strauss indicating that CFS is psychological, Bill Reeves calling it
hysteria, and Phil Lee stating that he believed a retro virus could be
involved and the government is making progress! Why did you throw us under
the bus, Phil?

Notible cast members include Paul Cheney, David Bell, Elaine DeFreitas,
Hillary Johnson as well as patients from the Tahoe and Lyndonville

It's stated in the video how little progress had been made up until 1996 and
it's disconcerting how little progress has been made since.

I'll be trying to post more of these historical videos as time and health



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Joanne said...

Thanks for posting this Ialthough I have heard of these two clusters I had not seen this video.
Once again the remarkable parrelles to Lyme Disease are clear.