Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whatever Happened To Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff Probe? (One Click)

Whatever Happened To Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff Probe?

Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff

For those tracking the ongoing investigation by the Senate Finance Committee investigation into conflicts of interest among academic researchers and industry funding, Charles Nemeroff was one of the targets. The former Emory University professor, who now works at the University of Miami, came to the committee's attention because he was accepting sizeable consulting fees from GlaxoSmithKline at the same time he was the primary investigator on an NIH-funded grant for research into a Glaxo drug. A recent letter from the HHS OIG indicates that the probe is still under way and an update is expected some time in June. The interest taken by the HHS OIG underscores the issue raised by Senator Charles Grassley, which is whether universities are fulfilling their requirements to adequately monitor disclosures in an effort to maintain scientific integrity and objectivity.
Ed Silverman, Pharmalot

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Several of the "experts" on "CFS" have dubious connections.  For example, some Disability insurance policies are written so that benefits are paid for life for physical ailments, but only 2 years for mental health issues.  Some "CFS" "experts" who attribute it to purely psychiatric causes are on retainer with those insurance companies, thus having a vested interest in determining there to be no physical abnormalities whatsoever, because any physical abnormality would increase the amount of money the insurance company would have to pay out.


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