Sunday, March 21, 2010

Update on the Documentary Film

Hello there

you may think that we have stopped work on our documentary on ME as it 
has taken a while to reach this point, however to the contrary, we are 
now picking up the pace. These films take a long time to get off the 
ground, such is the nature of the beast, but the path is opening up 
and to start it off we have the new website which you can find here,on 
the film named named WHAT ABOUT ME?
This is where we plan to start increasing information as we go, if you 
remain interested please keep the link. Apologies to anyone whose 
emails have not been returned or if you haven't been updated, we had 
to get this far to be able to keep in contact via the site.
Please visit when you can to keep up with the progress. Those of you 
who have offered to be interviewed for the doc, or to be involved in 
some way, we haven't forgotten , but it would be good to reconfirm to 
us , as there is a lot of information, and some of it does get lost 
between the cracks!
I will be off to the US shortly for further meetings towards the 
film.If anyone knows of any funding bodies here or in theUS, who may 
be interested in helping with the production please let me know. Of 
course we are approaching a lot of possible sources anyway, but you 
never know there may be that big one out there, that we don't know 
Please feel free to circulate the link to any parties that you think 
would be interested.

All for now and thank you for your interest.

Very best wishes

Susan Douglas

Double D Productions
1st Floor
57 Poland St
London W1F 7NW
Ph : 44 (0) 203  214 0091
M: 44 (0) 7792459362

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