Monday, March 22, 2010

The sort of education we need to be doing....

Feel free to circulate this essay to anyone who makes disparaging remarks about those who stand to benefit from the new legislation -- it's NOT "socialized medicine" that gives us something for nothing, it's a consumer protection/industry regulation bill that ensures that we get what we're paying for.  It is immaterial to me whether you leave it in the first-person or edit it to "I know a woman who owns a small business, she..."

Chuck writes: "I believe in personal responsibility while you obviously believe in entitlement."
Let me give you some background here, Chuck. I co-own a small business.
All of our employees have pre-existing conditions; some (including me) legally qualify as "disabled" but choose to work instead of collecting government benefits. We employ people that no other company is willing to hire because of their age and/or disability.
Because we are a SMALL business, our insurance policies are individually underwritten; we don't have enough employees to get the no questions asked policy that a large corporation would get
Now, where you get "entitlement mentality" out of that is beyond me. I am a hard-working responsible person who struggles to pay premiums on a policy that pays nothing. Do I believe that I am legally entitled to get what I contracted for and have been paying for? Yes.
If we really had entitlement mentality, we'd cancel our insurance, close down the business, and tell all our employees to apply for government benefits. In my case, I would be better off financially to do just that, yet I continue to work.
So don't go applying some fantasy stereotype to those of us who back the legislation, because you're wrong. My entire company, regardless of political affiliation, was behind this consumer protection legislation because it affects us personally.
One of the Congressmen brought up a disabled constituent who cannot go back to work because he can't get insurance and can't risk losing his Medicaid. That's the real story here, not "socialism" or "irresponsibility".


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