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NEI Center Awaits Passage in NJ Senate


15 March 2010

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NeuroEndocrineImmune (NEI) CenterT Resolution awaits passage in New Jersey
State Senate

Senate Resolution 20 will establish first research center dedicated to
chronic immune disorders

CORAL GABLES, Fl.-(13 MARCH 2010)-A resolution encouraging the establishment
of the NeuroEndocrineImmune (NEI) CenterT , the first research center in the
state of New Jersey dedicated to understanding and treating chronic
neuroendocrineimmune (NEI) illnesses which includes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
and Fibromyalgia, is currently awaiting passage in the New Jersey State
Senate. Late last year, a similar resolution (Assembly Resolution 202)
unanimously passed the New Jersey State Assembly 78-0.

Senate Resolution (SR) 20, sponsored by Senator Christopher "Kip" Bateman
(R), Senate Deputy Conference Leader, and Senator Loretta Weinberg (D),
Chair of the Senate Health Committee, cites studies that an estimated 20
million American adults and children suffer with NEIDs.

The economic impact and loss of worker productivity in the United States due
to CFS/ME, alone, is estimated to be over $9 billion per year. Chronic
illness represents 75% of all the health care costs in the U.S.

From Senator Loretta Weinberg (D)

"It makes sense to locate the NEI center in New Jersey. As the nation's
medicine chest, New Jersey is home to research institutions and private
businesses that can cooperate to find a cure for these debilitating

From Senator Kip Bateman (R)

"I look forward to the passage of Senate Resolution 20, solidifying
legislative support for the research center, and have high hopes that this
will, in fact, be a great step forward toward finding answers for the
sufferers of these debilitating diseases."

From Marly Silverman, Founder, P.A.N.D.O.R.A.

"On behalf of P.A.N.D.O.R.A. and Sandi Lanford from the Lanford
Foundation-LifelymeT, Inc., we urge the New Jersey legislators to pass SR 20
and be part of an amazing and pivotal moment in the history of the
neuroendocrine immune disorders communities. Your vote would demonstrate a
caring commitment to a community of patients who for the first time can look
forward to a brighter future."

From Veny W. Musum, Chairman, NEI CenterT

"The passage of SR 20 would be a moral and political victory for millions of
individuals stricken with neuroendocrineimmune disorders who have been
living far too long without the compassionate support, research and
treatment options they deserve."

Read the entire press release here: http://bit.ly/b2taYS or visit
www.neicenter.com <http://www.neicenter.com/> 


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