Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heartfelt Thank Yous!

There are so many who have done so much, and to each of you I say Thank You, it has not gone unnoticed.
I would love to name you all, but I won't, lest I inadvertantly omit someone from the list.  Needless to say, the list is long, and it encompasses people from all walks of life, who have contributed in all sorts of ways. 
Some of you have petitioned government entities.  Some of you have blogged tirelessly, hoping to bring awareness.  Some have testified in Washington, some have run support groups, and some have engaged in active dialog with researchers in hopes of getting their attention.  Some of you have shared your lives out loud for all of us to see and hopefully learn from.  Some of you have worked quietly behind the scenes, one-on-one, trying to help with individual support.
Some of you have watched Bill Reeves with hawk eyes, bringing communications to daylight.  Some have done the same with the CAA, with Wessely, White, and Sharpe, and with any other entity that has allowed psychologization of the disease. 
Some of you have kept history alive, despite all efforts to rewrite it.
Although many years and many lives have been devoted to grass roots advocacy for CFS, we are in as much danger, if not more, than ever.
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Thanks all! ~ Khaly
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