Monday, March 8, 2010


Dear Fellow Patients,

Since we began to fund research into ciguatera eight years ago, our federal
government has never mentioned the work despite repeated publications of 
replicated work and despite the lead researcher being the expert consultant
to  every agency on the federal level in this area.  That fact has changed
with  a publication by Robert W. Dickey, the Director of Food Safety at the

Although a marker for ME (CFIDS) does not exist, those testing positive to 
the assays are above 95% including those diagnosed with "CFS", ME, 
organophosphate poisoning, and PVFS.  The numbers are close to 800.   The
"ciguatera epitope", as it was dubbed, is named since the careful testing  showed
there were minute differences between ciguatera and what has now been  found to
be a marker for autoimmune diseases. 

The medical article is on our website (_http://www.ncf-net.org_
( ).  The testing  protocol is also available under "Research We
Have Funded" and "Ciguatera" while  the anesthesia protocol can be found
under "Resources" and "Patient/Physician  Info". 

For better health,

Gail Kansky
President, National CFIDS Foundation, Inc.
103 Aletha Rd.
Needham, MA 02492-3931

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