Sunday, February 14, 2010

XMRV Update

In a preprint by Miyazawa et al. to be published in the Journal of Virology,
it says,
   A recently identified novel human retrovirus (xenotropic murine
   leukemia virus related retrovirus, XMRV) has been found in some
   forms of prostate cancers and chronic fatigue syndrome in man
   (13, 20, 22) although causal association has not been proven yet.
   XMRV is almost undistinguishable from an ERV present in mice
   and it will be important to investigate how this virus passed into
   the human population, regardless of its pathogenic potential.
   Interestingly, the current methods used for screening human
   vaccines for retroviral contaminants include extremely sensitive
   PCR-based RT assays (not required for veterinary vaccines) that
   are much more sensitive than conventional RT assays. Thus,
   contamination of human vaccines with XMRV, would not pass
   undetected with the currently available technology although
   this may not be necessarily true for vaccines produced in previous
   (c) 2010 American Society for Microbiology

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