Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quote on Antiretroviral Drugs

 the plan would save money from the first day because of all of the people today who have to be hospitalized, and because of all of the young people who die in the prime of their lives, he said.

"If you factor all of the costs, the cost of the drugs would be more than balanced by the cost of treating people for all of these other diseases and then letting them die," he said.

There's a concept we have to adopt in our activism -- that searching for a cure for CFS and providing it to every patient -- not just those who have a well-employed spouse with good insurance -- would be more cost-effective than keeping a million of us below the poverty level because we can't afford the drugs ourselves.
I've always said that if the government would bootstrap me to a year of Ampligen, and if that works for me, I could go back to work and could afford to start paying for my own.  Or they can refuse the one-time $20,000 subsidy and pay me six figures in SSDI benefits.
Our government being penny wise and pound foolish, they almost certainly will refuse to cover that first year of Ampligen (if/when it's ever FDA-approved), claiming it's "too expensive", without considering the potential payback of getting a lot of formerly well-paid people back to taxpayer status.

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