Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Questions from Dr. Ralph for Dr. Kaye and Dr. Wessely

It was recently announced that the test offered on the Imperial College
website for XMRV in relation to CFS/ME and prostate cancer was now being
withdrawn with immediate effect.

Imperial's excuse for withdrawing the XMRV test from their website for
"CFS/ME" and prostate cancer was because it wasn't meant for patients and
that it was only meant for "an ethically approved research project."

Well, if this was the case then where does that leave all the other tests it
offers on its website?


STI's for £40 (each),

HCV genotyping for £100,

HBV for Genotypic Drug Resistance costing £100,

HTLV (costs covered by the NHS) and

HIV-1 (costs covered by the NHS)

Question 1 – Was this test that Imperial was offering (on the same basis as
all the other test above) the same test used for the recent Imperial/PLoS
One study?

Question 2 – Was the test different and if so - how was it different?

Question 3 – As all the other tests (shown above) are still available under
the same framework then regardless of whether or not such tests are only
available via requests from GP's or Specialists - opposed to being offered
direct to patients; why was the XMRV test removed?

Question 4 – If the answer to Question 2 was "No" and it wasn't different
then where does this leave the credibility of the PLoS One/Imperial study?

Question 5 – Was the Imperial test removed from the website because it was
inherently unreliable? (Go back to Question 4)

Readers wanting answers to these question need to contact Dr Steve Kaye who
was cited on the Imperial website as being the contact for the XMRV test
(now withdrawn)….


Email: steve.kaye@imperial.ac.uk
Tel: 020 759 43917 (direct)

FAO Dr Steve Kaye
Molecular Diagnostic Unit,
Imperial College London
4th Floor, Medical School Building
St. Mary's Hospital
Norfolk Place
London W2 1PG

I have asked Dr Kaye these questions and so far I have not received a reply.




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