Saturday, February 27, 2010

Look to the End

Since Science magazine published the XMRV research by the WPI, National Cancer Institute and the Cleveland Clinic there have been several attempts to cast doubt on the quality of that research.

It seems a strange way to conduct science when the quality of the research and the methods employed to perform the XMRV research are seemingly portrayed as having been carried out by a couple of amateur scientists and published by a school magazine.

It needs to be re-stated that the original XMRV research was carried out by organisations and researchers that are professional and expert in their processes, procedures and knowledge. It also needs to be re-stated that the work was a culmination of years of work and underwent a rigorous six month peer review process by Science magazine before it was published.

... Firstly it would be prudent to look at some of the names in these recent UK and Dutch trials. Professor Simon Wessely's name appears in the author list of the Imperial College study. Professor Wessely is well known for his comments on ME.[4]

... The haste with which these recent XMRV studies have been arranged and, more importantly, been published is significant. Contrast them with the painstaking research performed by the WPI, NCI and Cleveland clinic and the protracted and very stringent validation of that research by Science magazine before it was published.

... However, patients have already been warned to expect negative results by Drs. Nancy Klimas and David Bell as the first studies are being published. 

These first studies have used different methods when trying to validate their tests to detect XMRV in blood samples from CFS patients. The patient cohorts are also suspect.

... The quality of the WPI, NCI and Cleveland clinic cannot be doubted.

Invest in ME does have doubts about research being hastily completed by persons who are known to hold ME as a behavioural illness.

Invest in ME warn patients against being disheartened by those who seem to wish to discredit the WPI/NCI/Cleveland research.

... The true replication studies are yet to come. These are early days still.

Look to the end.








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