Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Disability Application Issues: How to Be Your Own Expert Medical Witness


Dr. Podell gives some good suggestions, but I've done most of them and still cannot get disability because the judge refuses to accept as true any testimony that I'm really sick.  He will not even acknowledge the abnormal blood test results, because they, too, contradict his opinion that I'm simply faking.
As far as the fact that it can take a day or two for the results of exertion to become apparent, before one of my SSDI hearings my lawyer suggested that instead of resting up to ensure I could make it through the hearing, I should spend the day or two before the hearing doing things -- show the judge what I'm like after "working" for a couple of days.  She literally wanted me running on fumes at the time of the hearing, and drove me there herself (if you feel you'll be too exhausted to get yourself home safely after the hearing, ask your lawyer to do that!)


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