Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CFS child returned to parents

Cheney testified, "This is not the stuff of medical neglect." As for treatment, he continued, "The most important thing to do is not do the bad things," such as forcing the boy to exercise, which could trigger a relapse.

The Buncombe County Department of Social Services is legally prohibited to discuss individual cases with either the public or the media. As a result, many key questions in the Baldwin case remain unanswered. They include:

Dr. Teresita Nelson, a child neurologist in Charlotte who'd also evaluated Ryan, was asked if she disagreed with the Baldwins' strategies in dealing with his illness. "I don't pass judgment, especially on a first visit, for what a family does to try and keep their children healthy," she said. "The way I look at it is, I may have the medical degree, but they have 16 years of experience with Ryan."

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TreeClimbingHound said...

Buncombe County DSS wanted Ryan's SSA money so they grabbed a very loved and supported child from his parents to get that money. Then when they were "caught" they played every game possible to keep Ryan from his parents and downplay the damage and illegal activities they had engaged in. Lisa Baldwin is a terrific mother who took her child all over the US to the very best medical facilities. She, her husband and Ryan's grandparents could not have done a better job in trying to get Ryan the very best of medical care. BUMCOMBE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES must be required to pay the huge legal bills THEY forced the Baldwins to rack up in trying to get their child back. While Ryan was in foster care, several hours away from his parents, he had NO medical care and no education at all. So much for looking out for Ryan's best interests. Buncombe County,from top to bottom, also does not want to validate CFIDS and has driven out the few doctors willing to treat CFIDS sick. Ryan's parents were unable to find a primary care physician for Ryan since he had CFIDS and the doctors in Buncombe County are terrified of dealing with CFIDS and the damage that would be done to them by the Medical Board and other players. You can NOT find a physician in Buncombe County or Henderon County that will treat CFIDS. The doctors are far too terrified to even write down the predetermined diagnosis of CFIDS. Why do I know this? Because I live in Henderson County and use the doctors in both counties and they will NOT treat my CFIDS, nor will they write down CFIDS on my charts. I have to travel by plane 450 miles back to my internist to be treated for CFIDS/Fibro. Something is horribly wrong in Western North Carolina and it needs to be investigated and put to an end NOW. Let's hope that the other county DSS deparments see what happened with Ryan Baldwin and back off of trying to fight against CFIDS AND make money off of sick children. It is NOT like there isn't enough children in those counties that really DO need to be protected from abusive parents. Ryan Baldwin was a chld who has the very best parents possible. A lawsuit against Buncombe County DSS and other agencies should be filed. Bravo to Ryan, his Mother/Father and Grandparents. All were amazing.
See this article "DSS ‘Follows The Money;’ Makes An Extra $90 Million Per Year - What’s ‘Best For The Child’ Is Secondary To ‘More Federal Money’
Massachusetts News
By Edward G. Oliver