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Why ME/CFS may kill you

Rebuilding in the face of loss.   Web version:     Font Size:   A   A   A,cs6g,6k,8lrk,kkzx,7xo1,2hxa ME/CFS HealthWatch     January 20, 2010
ME/CFS News & Headlines
· Dr. Mikovits Q&A This Friday
· Rebuilding in the face of loss
· "Why ME/CFS may kill you"
Previous Headlines
· The Adrenal Gland & ME/CFS
· CoQ10 and cellular energy
· The UK-WPI shootout,cs6g,6k,g9do,6kxq,7xo1,2hxa,cs6g,6k,d03b,3acv,7xo1,2hxa

Coenzyme Q10
Mobilize Mitochondira
for Cellular Energy,cs6g,6k,d03b,3acv,7xo1,2hxa

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Fish Oils
Neurology conf. video explains many ways they support brain & mental health

Dr. Bateman XMRV Slides (PDF)
From Jan 18 webinar - at CFIDS Assoc website

Dr. Klimas Opens Miami ME/CFS Clinic
Place for real diagnosis of a real disease

The Dangers of Dehydration
Accompanies chronic disease & meds strongly dehydrating

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THIS FRIDAY, Jan 22 - The Mikovits Update on XMRV and ME/CFS

XMRV expert Judy Mikovits is a dynamo, bursting with info on the big picture, recent advances, and potentially life-changing plans for ME/CFS patients worldwide.

In an event you can watch on, the high-profile virologist says she plans to dispel rampant myths & fears. And, given all the uproar over failure to replicate results in the UK, you still have an opportunity to submit some burning questions! read more »

ME/CFS NEWS & HEADLINES view more,cs6g,6k,jhbp,g6zx,7xo1,2hxa
WPI Produces 'More Sensitive', Lower Cost XMRV Test

ME/CFS: Building a Different Life In the Face of Loss

Tests Point to 'CNS Sensitization' in ME/CFS with Pain

UK Team Disputes XMRV-CFS Link... US Researchers Return Fire!

Why ME/CFS May Kill You: Taking the Measure of Cardiac Risk

PREVIOUS HEADLINES view more,cs6g,6k,iur2,cgdk,7xo1,2hxa
Underactive Adrenal Gland - Problems with the CFS 'Gear Box'

Coenzyme Q10: ME/CFS Energy Maker

New Japanese Test to Diagnose ME/CFS - Breakthrough, or Not?

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Comments & Suggestions
· Improved XMRV test
· Pain signaling discovery
· Learn soothing massage
· PTSD forum helps
· Sjogren's affecting digestion
· Disability Lawyers List

· PDR Site for Patients
· Lyme strain severity differs
· What helps my POTS
· Bipolar support groups
· Dr. Elaine DeFrietas
· Online CFS/FM dating!

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