Friday, January 22, 2010

Sacramento County probe of in-home care turns up 19 felony cases


"A task force established to ferret out fraud in Sacramento County's extensive network of In-Home Supportive Services has turned up 19 felony cases  ... among 42,000 caregivers and clients."

"The Governor's Office has claimed a 25 percent statewide fraud rate in IHSS.  A 2007 state audit, though, found only 1 percent of IHSS cases involved fraudulent overpayment.  And critics of such task forces say the scope of IHSS fraud doesn't warrant the amount of time and public money devoted to them."
"It's not a home health agency with a layer of other management," said Ross. "You're only paying for the service provider, not the supervisory structure. New York has an agency-based model, and it's far more expensive than California's. What's often lost in the debate here is that this is a virtually no-overhead program."
* * *
As usual, while rich doctors and medical supply companies rob Medicare/Medicaid for billions of goods and services not even provided, a few extra dollars paid to the impoverished masses who really are performing their thankless jobs is what really inspires the government to do an in-depth investigation, spending more on the investigation than the savings produced.  These are not people who are jetting off to the Bahamas on their ill-gotten gains -- they are too busy changing Grandma's diapers to take a day off.

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