Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pregnancy and ME/CFS

Permission to repost

M.E. patients that have been through pregnancy and childbirth are invited to
submit any information they have, any advice or cautions, that may be
helpful for those newly pregnant.

This information will be collated on a new 'Pregnancy and M.E.' page on the
HFME site later this year.


(There is almost no written material available on this topic, which is why
the focus is so much on anecdotal accounts, but if you know of any relevant
books or research please do let me know also.)

Best wishes,
Jodi Bassett
The Hummingbirds' Foundation
for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis:
* * *
When I was diagnosed, I was warned that pregnancy could result (at the very least) in 9 months on bed rest, and at worse, permanent disability, so it was not advisable.
Unfortunately, it appears that in the 22 years since then, no one has ever bothered to do a formal study.  Odd, that for a disease that affects mostly women, they did not investigate how it affects the most female of bodily functions!
I have heard anecdotal evidence going both ways: women who felt peppier during pregnancy (perhaps due to increased blood volume) and women whose health went rapidly downhill and took a year or more to recover from the pregnancy.
I'm looking forward to the results of Jodi's study so I have something to advise people other than "maybe, maybe not".  While, obviously, we would still be advising "you need to decide for yourself whether it's worth the risk", it would be helpful to know whether more women feel better or more women deteriorate so we can at least provide some statistics of which way it trends.

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