Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pacing helps ME

Pacing Helps ME

A recent survey run by the Sussex & Kent ME/CFS Society working with the
Brighton & Sussex medical School amongst people in the South East counties
affected by the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome known as ME has clearly found that
Pacing can help most with the debilitating illness. 440 completed
questionnaires have been analyzed showing that a massive 94% of respondents said that they found the management approach of Pacing to be reasonably or very helpful.

Pacing is all about balancing activity and rest to bring about improvements
in the way the patient feels. The word 'activity' is used in a broad sense,
to include mental and emotional activity, as well as the more obvious
physical sort. Taking a balanced, steady approach to activity counteracts
the common tendency to overdo things. It avoids the inevitable ill effects
that follow. Pacing gives people awareness of their own limitations which
enables them to plan in a positive way how to use energy, maximizing what
they can do with it. Over time, when the condition stabilizes, patients can
very gradually increase activities to work towards recovery.

Although ME/CFS can be a long term seriously disabling illness for many
people there is much that can be done to help patients make improvements as
our survey clearly shows.

National UK charity Action for ME have a booklet available that explains
what Pacing is and how to manage the illness working towards recovery.


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