Monday, January 18, 2010

Flu Self-Help

"Feel flu symptoms coming on? This can help: Take high-dose vitamin C (4,000 mg), zinc, vitamin D and a healthy serving of medicinal herbal tinctures such as black elderberry or astragalus. Go right to bed and allow yourself as much sleep as you need (even 10 - 12 hours). This can often stop the flu right in its tracks."
Personally, I take 5000 mg of C appx once an hour (whenever I think of it) for cold/flu/sore throat.  C is one of the vitamins where any excess just comes right back out, you can't overdose, and some doctors administer as much as 50-100,000 mg per day for critical cases.  Lots of tea (or hot lemonade) with honey, alternating with chicken soup. 


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