Thursday, December 3, 2009

Notes from Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz
Could the secret to your exhaustion be a retrovirus?
The reason you're exhausted may have nothing to do with sleep at all. It could be infection from a new retrovirus.
Debilitating symptoms, no cure, linked to one of most baffling and misdiagnosed diseases in women.
Most viruses invade your body and leave, but retrovirus worms its way into your DNA and stays there.
XMRV found in 95% of those previously diagnosed with CFS, and also in 4% of healthy people, putting 10M people at risk for CFS.
Dr. Donnica Moore
This is a real game changer in our understanding of CFS. "This is not all in your head, you don't have depression, you don't have a midlife energy crisis" Neuroimmune.
"Here's what we know – it does not transmit through the air like the flu."
Worry about the blood supply being contaminated.
Animation of how it infects, becomes part of your DNA
How would you know you have CFS? CFS is a very specific clinical diagnosis, with specific criteria. (Which she has placed on the Dr. Oz website)
2-4x more common in women than men.
Gina is one of 300 people who participated in the XMRV study. Video biography of Gina. She had swollen lymph nodes and was even told she had lymphoma. She tested positive for XMRV.
She describes it as "a horrible case of the flu". A normal person would crawl in bed and wait it out, but we can't wait it out. Doctor told her "Not only can we not help you, but it's your fault. If they can't find out what's wrong with you, they will start to blame you." She was already in the study, already knew she was XMRV+, and a doctor sent her to a shrink anyway!
Oz says "if you think something is wrong with you, don't let anyone talk you out of it."
Test costs $400 and we don't know if insurance will cover it.
Good news, we have antivirals for AIDS; we need CDC/NIH/drug companies to do research.
There are lots of diets out there that are purported to help, but none of them are proven; just follow a normal healthy diet.
Oz acknowledges sleep is crucial (though he directs us to sleep hygiene on his website, which most of us find inadequate) and does say "exercise" but does clarify that even walking to the mailbox slowly is exercise. The key is to keep muscle tone. (Which I do with stretching and resistance exercises.)


Judy said...

At age 67, this will not be resolved in my lifetime but I am delighted that others will benefit from this research...and I have to say, it is about time! I have lived with FM since I was a small child and to be treated like it is something that you brought on yourself or that is all in your head is reprehensible and I consider it to be medical abuse. The ONLY help that I have found has been natural products that I have auditied on my own..trial and error. Right now, I am trying a liver cleanse and am noticing a difference in how I feel. The protocol prescribed by doctors for me in the past was all wrong. I understand that doctors feel impelled to do something, anything, so they write a script...any makes THEM feel better. If I sound bitter it is because it has been a very loooong 67 years. I pray the future for others is so much better.


Lisa Hellen said...

I'm going to assume that they find this linked to FMS sooner or later.

It has taken them what, 30, 40, 50 years? to find this much out, I wonder how long until we have a cure....I hope soon.

At least its proven now to be real and not just in our heads.
It hurts so much when loved ones throw it in your face that you are sick and they blame You for it.
The emotional toll and stress of that only makes the pains so much worse. I know its hard on them too, so I try to not talk about it at all, but its in my face, my eyes...