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ME/CFS is NOT a psychiatric condition

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ME/CFS is not a psychiatric

Letter to Prime Minister

Derek Enlander M.D.
860 Fifth Avenue
New York NY 10065
212 794 2000

23 Dec 2009

Dear Prime Minister

New medical research, relating to M.E. (myalgic
encephalomyelitis) and the XMRV virus, have
shattered the MRC belief that M.E. is a psychiatric

The Chief Medical Officer( CMO) and MRC have for
many decades adhered to the idea that these
patients could be lined up as a psychiatric problem.

Certain British psychiatrists used this notion for their
own self interest
in obtaining government research
grants and conflict of interest payment from
disability insurance companies.

The recent M.E. research is not necessarily related
to the resignation of Sir Liam Donaldson from the
post of Chief Medical Officer(CMO) together with the
resignation of the chief executive of the Medical
Research Council, Sir Leszek Borysiewicz.

These resignations however give the present or next
government a chance to clean house.

Both these gentlemen have failed the thousands of
patients who suffer from  myalgic encephalomyelitis
(M.E.), not only failed to recognize their disease but
have gone one step further and labeled them as
psychotic or neurotic.

They have thus been deprived of proper treatment
and relegated to a psychological cognitive training or
worse still a Graded Exercise Therapy (GET), both of
which are defined in medical literature as useless
and in some cases dangerous.

Both these gentlemen failed to react or examine the
motives of psychiatrists promoting these methods.

M.E. is a physical disease and British Medical
establishment must recognize the fact and
underwrite proper research rather that promote
useless psychiatric methods.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Derek Enlander
New York


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