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Klimas XMRV Lecture Video on line

I've seen this posted several places but haven't seen it show up on Co-Cure yet-

The presentation by Nancy Klimas from a month or so ago, "XMRV CFS/ME
& You" is now online at the cfsknowledgecenter website. I think the
presentation by Dr. Judy Mikovits at the University of the Pacific is
being held back until her group publishes some of the findings
mentioned there.

From the website-
"Dr. Nancy Klimas' lecture & slide presentation: "XMRV CFS/ME & You".

A compelling and comprehensive review of the disease, the XMRV virus
discussed in detail and what lies ahead. Even the most knowledgeable
in attendance gained new insights into their illness and the prospect
of a new road to recovery. A particularly interesting Q&A session
follows the formal presentation.

The two hour session garnered rave reviews from the 150 people lucky
enough to attend. It is a MUST SEE video for all afflicted with or
affected by ME/CFS.

Most of the video was made in near dark conditions to accommodate the
slide presentation.

It has been tightly edited down to 83 minutes and divided into 12
segments for easy, and repeated, viewing."

Direct links-

Segment 1: Background, overlapping conditions, viruses

Segment 2: Viruses & CFS/ME, WPI & XMRV

Segment 3: XMRV, NK & T cells, latent & retro viruses

Segment 4: Retro viruses, Biomarker

Segment 5: Antibodies, what we don't know, cancer (video missing)

Segment 6: Virus life cycle, immune modulation drugs

Segment 7: What's next in research

Segment 8: Research funding & advocacy

Segment 9: Testing for XMRV, Q&A: Antibodies

Segment 10: Q&A: Drug timeline, U of M clinic & studies

Segment 11: Q&A: Morton Fund, Taking care of yourself

Segment 12: Q&A: The new Miami CFS clinic (video missing)
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