Saturday, November 7, 2009

ME/CFS Sufferers Vindicated by Science

  ME/CFS Sufferers Vindicated By Science

Often dismissed as hypochondriacs, ME sufferers have been vindicated by science.
"Since the original Science paper was submitted, we have continued to refine our test for XMRV and have surprisingly found that 95pc ME/CFS samples tested positive for XMRV antibodies in the plasma," said Dr Judy Mikovits who led the research at the Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) in the University of Nevada, Reno. The best way forward for ME sufferers here -- at least to diagnose them -- is for doctors to apply Canadian guidelines which set out a number of fixed criteria for diagnosing the illness.
Susan Daly, Irish Independent
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How many times over the past 22 years have I been told that the severe virus in 1987 couldn't possibly be causing symptoms months/years later?
I  was sure that was the start of my symptoms, but doctors who weren't there repeatedly insisted that I was wrong and they were right, I never had any virus, it was just some psychiatric problem: I didn't like being married (or, later, I didn't like being divorced), I think married women should be housewives (or, later, that divorced women should receive enough alimony that they don't have to work), I'm depressed, anxiety-ridden, lazy, crazy, faking, hypochondriac, anything so that they don't have to accept that objective symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, fevers, fainting, swollen glands, etc. exist and cannot be explained away by their amateur psychiatry.  (The real psychiatrists could never find anything wrong with me, but the MDs refused to accept that verdict and wanted me to keep going to more and more psychs until one finally said what they wanted to hear!) 
In fact, as the information comes out about the symptoms this virus is supposed to cause, it sounds exactly like the "stomach flu" I had, with fever approaching 105 and resultant delirium for several days.  How could I have made up that history 22 years ago, if the information is only coming to light now?!

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