Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't Get Sick. If you do, Die Quickly.

Finally, a politician with enough guts to tell the truth!
When Democracy for America endorsed Alan Grayson for Congress last year conventional wisdom in DC said Grayson was a long-shot at best. No one thought he would win. No one, that is, but DFA members on the ground who were working hard every day to deliver results.

Alan Grayson hasn't looked back since Election Day. He's not afraid to say what it takes to get the message across and fight back against Republican lies and misinformation.

Now, one year from today, Alan Grayson is up for reelection and Republicans have put a giant target on his back. It's pretty straight forward why -- they're afraid of him. They're going to pull out all the stops to defeat him. We can't let that happen.

So today, DFA members are joining with others across the progressive movement for a one-day contribution "money bomb" in support of Alan Grayson. If we raise $400,000 today, we'll send chills down the spine of every single right-wing blowhard around the county.


So why DO the Republicans hate Grayson so much?

Well, Republicans spent the whole summer yelling lies about "Death Panels" and how President Obama was going to pull the plug on grandma.
And all August, Democrats in Congress went from town hall to town hall playing defense and trying to figure out what hit them. Alan Grayson had enough. There is no Republican plan on healthcare. They would rather do nothing, than fix it. Recognizing that over 42,000 Americans a year die because they don't have health insurance under our current system, Representative Grayson decided it was time to go on the attack and put the Republicans on defense.
"The Republican's healthcare plan:
1) Don't get sick
2) if you do, Die Quickly"
One sentence and Rep. Grayson reclaimed the debate. Everyone was talking about it. How many Americans don't have insurance? How many Americans die each year because of it? What actually IS the Republican plan?


Republicans aren't used to Democrats attacking back, but they immediately went on the war path. They demanded Grayson apologize. He was already a step ahead of them.

Rep. Grayson took to the floor of Congress and apologized to the dead. To every American who had died while Republicans held up the healthcare debate and Congress waited to enact reform.
Suddenly, it's the Republicans who didn't know what hit them. First a Democrat stands up and then he won't shut up and sit down when Republicans yell at him? You can imagine their surprise.

Thanks to Alan Grayson, for the first time all summer, Republicans were finally playing defense.

But that won't last forever. Congressional Quarterly recently downgraded Rep. Grayson's reelection race from a "toss-up" to "leans Republican." That's why we need to have Grayson's back. If we raise $400,000 in one day, we'll send a message to Republicans nationwide they won't miss.


Representative Alan Grayson is delivering results for progressives in Congress. Today, working together, we're going to make sure progressives deliver results for his reelection back home.

I just contributed $25. I hope you'll join me. Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain
Democracy for America



Heather said...

I disagree that republicans want sick people to get sick fast and die. I know many republicans who are just as concerned about people without insurance as democrats are. It's how it is going about it that is the differences between the two. I don't know anyone who wants any uninsured person to die.

CFS Facts said...

Anyone who refuses to ensure that a disabled person has adequate food, shelter and medical care may not be willing to say "I want them to die" but they are certainly not doing anything to prevent it!

I have been told to rely on my spouse, siblings and children. When I say that I have none of those, I'm blamed for my parents not having had the foresight to have more children so I'd have someone to support me.

I was told I should've had children to support me ... never mind that when this relapse started, a child conceived on the honeymoon would've only been 12 years old and illegal to send him to work.

There are more and more people like me, from small families and with no children of their own. If you get sick at a relatively young age (as most CFS patients do), you haven't had time to save up enough money to support yourself through 40 or 50 years of disability, and if you have a severe case of CFS, you're housebound -- perhaps even bedridden -- and certainly not prime marriage material.

One of my friends was unable to get medical care until she collapsed and was hospitalized on the verge of death. Two years later, she is still not physically back to where she was before that. Obviously, someone has very little concern for her long-term well-being if she had to nearly die before she could get medical care without insurance.

Disability benefits are almost impossible to get and the process takes years (I've been trying since 2000) -- the government hopes we die before they have to pay us -- and then it's two more years after you get SSDI before you qualify for government medical care, again, hoping that we'll die before they have to start paying for our expensive medical care.

They may not want to phrase it "we WANT you to die" but they certainly aren't doing anything to prevent people from dying of starvation, exposure and lack of medical care.