Saturday, October 10, 2009

Stop Health Insurers From Getting Away With Murder -- Nataline's Law

If you're concerned about "death panels", they're already here! writes:


It's unconscionable. In America you can sue a health insurance executive for giving you the finger, but not for denying your daughter a life saving liver transplant. Ask your Senator today to change this legal loophole.

Today's Los Angeles Times reports that the family of Nataline Sarkisyan was prevented from going to court over her death because of a legal loophole that prevents wrongful death cases when health insurance is paid for by private sector employers. However, Nataline's family was allowed to sue for emotional distress because an insurance executive made an obscene gesture at the family during a rally at CIGNA's headquarters.

Consumer Watchdog has joined with Nataline's parents to call on Congress to close the legal loophole that bars her family and 132 million Americans from having their day in court. The lack of accountability allows health insurers to deny access to care without fear of reprisal when private employers pay for health coverage.

Please ask your US senators to introduce Nataline's Law and close the legal loophole that allows heath insurers to get away with murder.

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Jamie Court
President, Consumer Watchdog

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