Friday, October 9, 2009

Sometimes, Dreams DO Come True

Like many CFS activists, my mantra has been that I look forward to the day that Modern Medical Science puts me out of business.  I like doing CFS activism, but not as much as I loved the career I had to abandon when my health got worse.  I'd like nothing more than to stop doing this and go back to doing that.  With yesterday's announcement, I'm a few steps closer to doing just that.
Throughout my 22-year nightmare of living with this Damned Disease, I have clung to the dream that someday, someone would take us seriously, do the right research in the right way, and find what has always been tantalizingly close and frustratingly just out of reach. 
Patients have always been sure that there was a virus behind their ailments -- my problems started with what appeared to be a severe case of stomach flu -- and I have bemoaned the unenlightened doctors who've tried to erase that flu-like illness and diagnose depression or anxiety or some other psychological cause, despite the objective symptoms like fever and swollen glands that proved to me that they were wrong.
Next time I'm in Reno, I'm inviting the Whittemores for a steak dinner with a bottle of Dom Perignon to celebrate this finding and thank them for their willingness to put their money behind the belief that there's a findable physical cause for their daughter's symptoms.  I don't care if the expense requires me to eat peanut butter sandwiches for a year; it'll be worth it.
But, if they can find a medication that helps, I can go back to doing what I do best, which pays well, and I wouldn't bat an eye at spending that kind of money to treat them to dinner and champagne.


lynnzy said...

I know what you mean. We all know it. We are sick and they are talking about this garbage depression BS. But that didn't happen until after 1995 or whatever, ten years later. I got to the point that even when I had other flu infections over the years I just ignored the symptoms and walked around half ready to pass out because I learned to be afraid to say that I had the chills and a fever and a sore throat terrible congestion. I figured if I dropped dead then whatever. What horrible crap the medical profession has put us through. I just hope this is the end of the non-treatment and belittling.

Earth's Little Treasures Hand-made Jewelry said...

You make it up there to the institute, just let me know..i will help you pay for the dinner and champayne!!(i spelled that wrong didn't i?) lol