Monday, October 5, 2009

Solve CFS

It's time! Solve CFS.

As promised, we're back!
Please join us at for a brand new way to share information about CFS with family and friends.
Watch our video, "What Would You Do?" It describes CFS and the things that people living with CFS told us they would do tomorrow if they were completely well.
View our growing photo album of people who want to end the suffering caused by CFS. Print the "Solve CFS" sign, take your own photo and add it to the album.
Read the stories of Merritt, Robert, Tyler, Rachel, Beth, Will, Alan and Anna who reveal what it's like to live with CFS. These stories will build over the coming weeks, so return often for the next additions. Share your story with us.
Find new ways to get regular updates on Facebook, twitter and YouTube.
Support the essential research, policy and communication programs that only the CFIDS Association of America can lead. The October edition of CFIDSLink will be sent to you on Wednesday, with updates on all these vital activities.
Thank you for your interest and engagement in making CFS widely understood, diagnosable, curable and preventable. Together we will solve CFS.
Your friends at the CFIDS Association of America

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