Saturday, October 10, 2009

Medically Unexplained No More

October 9, 2009, Integrative Medicine

From Chronic Fatigue to Lyme: Medically Unexplained No More

Labeling sick patients psychiatric is medical abuse.

Over the past year,  some forces in the highest reaches of medicine have
made ever stronger efforts to burden the sick, diseased, and infected with
psychiatric labels, and thus, to invalidate them and consign them to lives
of numbing medication and endless untreated pain. Some pundits see this as
psychiatric abuse perpetuated by non-psychiatrists --since it is rarely the
psychiatrist, but rather, those in other specialities who step outside the
circle of their formal training to impose these crude diagnoses on the
medically ill.

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One of my particular hobbyhorses is that we need legislation (since mere ethics ain't doing it!) that a psych diagnosis can only be placed in a patient's records by a licensed psych.  I have amateur diagnoses of depression, anxiety, and a couple of other things from doctors who flatly refused to accept the concurrent psych eval giving me a clean bill of mental health, because it was EASIER for the doctor to put a psych diagnosis in the chart than to figure out what was really wrong.

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