Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mad As Hell Doctors: Eliminate health insurance and everyone wins

"American health care is a bizarre blend of the worst of capitalism and the worst of socialism," said Dr. Eugene Uphoff. "If money equated with health in America we would have the best system in the world."

Seward said that Americans must understand what single-payer is, and what it isn't.

"[Monies] directed to health insurance companies would be redirected into one, public fund that insures all Americans. It's not Socialism, it's smartism.

According to the Mad As Hell Doctors, if the insurance industry - the bureaucrats - are taken out of the health care equation, a single payer plan would pay for itself.

Dr. Paul Hochfeld, an emergency room physician in Corvalis, OR, who leads the doctor coalition, said "If we got rid of the 20 percent that's wasted by the insurance industry we'd have enough to cover everybody."


"18,000 Americans die each year from lack of proper health care,"
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and who knows how many, like me, are left alive but disabled?


Fibromyalgia said...

If we get a system like Canada's more people will die and not get health care because of long waits. I have relatives in Canada so I hear about the long waits and the shortage of doctors and nurses. Yes, everyone should have health insurance, but a system like Canada is not the answer.

CFS Facts said...

I have a number of friends in Canada, who are all quite happy with their health care, even those who use it quite frequently. Yes, in any system, there will be disgruntled people who fall through the cracks, or who exaggerate the facts. E.g., the woman who filmed the ad saying she would have died of her tumor was proven to have a benign tumor that would NOT have killed her. But she got her 15 minutes of fame.