Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The latest from Australia

In October 2009, ME/CFS Australia convened a summit in Canberra where it
made a number of positive decisions related to its future. ME/CFS Australia
wishes to establish its operations so that it can deliver Nationally-focused
programs that will improve the wellbeing of Australians affected by ME/CFS.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we must engage with the Australian ME/CFS
Community to test our ideas for support and to assess the feasibility of

We have established a Blog as a means of connecting with everyone with an
interest in ME/CFS.
The 'About this Blog' page outlines the purpose of the Blog as well as some
basic guidelines. It is an opportunity for the community to comment on posts
and we will respond where appropriate.

To learn a little more about ME/CFS Australia and our plans, please read the
Blog post titled "October 2009 Summit marks a new era". Sign up to the blog
as a measure of support and you'll receive email updates whenever there is a
new post.

If there are any people in the Australian Capital Territory eager to be
involved in Advocacy work, please contact me.

yours sincerely,

Paul Leverenz
Chairman, ME/CFS Australia

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