Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hill takes on Bill


"Was anyone else, like me, wondering how the little agency in Atlanta would handle the news on October 9, 2009 that revealed it to be both criminally incompetent and scientifically irrelevant?
For the moment, I'm using the word "criminal" informally; I don't think we or they yet know for certain what is and is not prosecutable. I have no doubt it will be sorted out, and sooner rather than later. I'm guessing counsel for both CDC and NIH have been working overtime; the flop-sweat might actually be visible on some of those government brows in Washington next Thurdsay and Friday."

"That Reeves is still allowed to even open his mouth when a reporter calls Atlanta signifies how confused the agency must have been when this news broke. It must have been chaos down there, actually."

"There isn't anything Reeves said [to the press] that was scientifically correct," one of the scientists associated with this work told me recently."

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